Im dating a recovering addict

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Im dating a recovering addict

Unnatural and arbitrary hedonic management by substances or stereotyped processes distorts and cripples the psyche and places the individual at a grave survival disadvantage.The addict is double-minded because he cannot really and truly desire recovery until he already has it.

It’s been four months since the peak started to wane and I’m just now able to see and feel more clearly and easily without the devastating mania monster driving my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am surprised at how long it takes for clear-headed thinking to return. I’m able to be in the present and enjoy people and things around me without that awful pressured feeling.In it's true form, then, Enabling behavior means something positive.It's our natural instinct to reach out and help someone we love when they are down or having problems.The need for an external focus, along with other lessons of childhood prepare a person for addiction to enabling behavior.Take a look at how the symptoms of alcoholism match the symptoms of codependency...

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